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What is Submission?

                  by post-internet

By comparison, submission provides practical skills men, women, and children alike can use in potentially threatening encounters. They are the skills that actually work in real life situations. Submission techniques can prevent a person from being assaulted, a child from being kidnapped, and a police officer from being overpowered by an assailant. While the terms for submission holds (arm bar, leg lock, heel hook, etc.) may be unfamiliar to many, they will soon be commonplace as this incredible sport continues to rise and gain mainstream popularity. People will abandon the karate, tae kwon do, kung fu dojos and come running to submission academies to learn practical, real life skills. Parents will retire from drafting their children into endless years of karate lessons with limited advancement, and move their children into the submission academy where progress is endless and they have the opportunity to proudly advance into professional levels. Submission fighting is both an art and a science. It is artistry in its gracefulness and fluidity, and scientific in its precision and application. Submission is merciful. Every fighter always has an out. He can tap when he knows he's been caught. Submission is a game - a test of speed, wit, and perfect technique. It's a physical chess game where strategy is essential and the best fighter is the first to secure checkmate.