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Cinturón Negro
Jiuwaithai Jujitsu
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Reglas Torneo Jiuwaithai (ESP)

Torneos Nacionales de Artes Marciales

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Jiuwaithai Martial Arts Academy ® is dedicated to teach personal safety and better health methods by the way of the martial arts. Helping you get the best out of you through Martial Arts.  Ideal for parents, teens, professionals and law enforcement looking for Practical Street self defense skills in a traditional environment.



Jiuwaithai jujitsu is a martial arts teaching methodology, a system of systems, as well as a jujitsu style. We have categorized each movement into Macro, Micro, Linear, Circular or Sphere in order to make learning easy and natural. All the students are required to conceptualize each movement as well as to execute them.   All calisthenics are based on natural body movement, body mechanic and Yoga.  The Self-Defense curriculum is based on Neural Fear Responses and Macro Natural Movements.



Knowing others is wisdom, knowing the self is enlightment, mastering others requires force, mastering the self needs strength. He/She who knows has enough is rich; perseverance is a sign of will power. He/She who stays where he/she is endures, to die but not to perish is to be eternally present.



People have the Right by Law to defend themselves, society and family, but that Right have to be enforced respecting the human life.

Jiuwaithai was developed by Don David Méndez in the 70's and finally baptized in the 80's.  In Puerto Rico the "Don" is a signal of great respect to those that came before us. Don Méndez is a legendary figure in Puerto Rico with more than 30 years of fighting martial art experience, an expert in fire weapons, self-defense and security methods. He has been the bodyguard of presidents, ambassadors, governors, and other VIP (such as Luis Muńoz Marín - 1st elected governor of Puerto Rico).  He was a student of the (late) legendary teacher Takama Sensei in the style of Takahama Jujitsu-Judo. One of the first Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling champions of Puerto Rico, Member of the Military Intelligence (Vietnam), and Police Intelligence.

Jiuwaithai Martial Arts Academy  (Jujitsu, Discipline and Self-Defense) was named in the 80's and the first public demonstration was given in 1993 at the tournament KATANA OPEN CHALLENGE ®.  In the 60's and 70's Jiuwaithai was known as Pakuathai because of its closed relationship to Muay Thai. At that time it was recognized as a Muay Thai system that combined Pakua concepts.  In the 1965, Pakuathai began to incorporate more techniques of Takahama Jujitsu-Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu and Greco Roman Wrestling (1965-1975).  From 1975-80 Filipino techniques and firearms were introduced to the system. (Only for Law Enforcement).  The twenty years period after that was of research and detailing of the System.  In order to make this knowledge available to the general public all the curriculum and teaching methodology was re-evaluated.  A civil philosophy was established: People have the Right by Law to defend themselves, society and family, but that Right have to be enforced respecting the human life. (1993-1999).  In 1999 the first Jiuwaithai Academy ® was opened to the general public under the tutelage of Prof. Wilfredo Vázquez Gómez (Senior student of Don Méndez, Sensei López (Takahama Judo), Carlos Rolón (Hakko Ryu Jujitsu, Hokko Ryu Jujitsu) and Head Instructor of Jiuwaithai). In 2001 the second Jiuwaithai Academy was opened in Morovis-Puerto Rico. In 2002 the Jiuwaithai Jujitsu Headquarter was opened in Luquillo-Puerto Rico with a special Jujitsu kids program.  In 2003 Jiuwaithai Jujitsu opens at the Camareno´s Martial Arts Family Center (Metro) and the American TKA Puerto Rico Academy (Caguas).  Jiuwaithai students have earned University Scholarships in the art of Judo, Karate and Wrestling; and have competed in national and international tournaments.  Actually there only few black belts in the system: Wilfredo Vázquez, David Méndez (son), Yamel Méndez(daughter).

Prof. Wilfredo Vázquez Gómez: (Karate-Jujitsu Black Belt)

Born in 1971 in the island of Puerto Rico. (Martial Artist, Schollar, Teacher, Writer and Lawyer)  Graduated from the University of Puerto Rico (Magna Cum Laude) Bachelor in Arts with a Major in Hispanic studies and Oriental Literature/Philosophy (Minor); University of Puerto Rico Teaching Department (Suma Cum Laude); Interamerican University School of Law (Cum Laude).  Has been the Martial Arts Teacher (Karate-Jujitsu) of the State Department Kids Program, Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos, Education Department of Puerto Rico, University of Puerto Rico (Summer Camp), Phi Eta Mu (Summer Camp), Trina Padilla de Sánz (Summer Camp), University High School (Physical Education Elective Course) and UTIER (Summer Camp).  The co-founder of the Martial Arts Students Association at the University of Puerto Rico and ex-member of the University Karate Team.

He is the head instructor of the Jiuwaithai Martial Arts Academy, co-host of the 1st Martial Arts Talk Show (Radio) in Puerto Rico, National and International Competitor, Member in good standing in the Martial Arts Community of Puerto Rico, portrait in the "Martial Arts Founders and Pioneers of Karate in Puerto Rico", published by Hector Sotomayor (Shotokan Karate-6th dan). 

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