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Orientación legal
Cinturón Negro
Jiuwaithai Jujitsu
Jiuwaithai History
Reglas Torneo Jiuwaithai (ESP)

Torneos Nacionales de Artes Marciales


Martial Arts for Life

Wilfredo Vazquez
Independent Marketing Exec.
(Xiomara Castellanos) Let her know that you call from Jiuwaithai for Special Offers)
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Fired Up!
Your Natural Source Of Energy

Get Fired Up! in the morning, in the afternoon, and whenever you need a natural energy boost. This natural drink mix is the perfect replacement for coffee, soda, and candy.

Fired Up! has been scientifically formulated to:
Enhance your overall energy
Increase workout performance
Provide a great alternative to coffee, soda, and candy
Turn on your body's fat burning potential
Help you cope with physiological stress


Dr. Earl Mindell's Okinawan Coral Calcium -
Dr. Earl Mindell's Okinawan Coral Calcium uses only freshly harvested Okinawa marine coral. The calcium is retrieved through a process that is closely monitored by strict Japanese Government regulations.

Dr. Earl Mindell's Okinawan Coral Calcium provides:
· Marine-grade coral carefully removed from the Okinawa sea bed
· The same nutrients that are found in the living coral
· A perfect calcium/magnesium ratio of 2:1
· Nutrient co-factors to optimize absorption, including vitamin D and MSM


Instant Immune Support

Take ImuDrops the moment you feel your body needs extra support! ImuDrops contains standardized extracts of the most powerful immune system boosters known, including elderberry, Echinacea, and Yin Chiao-a time-proven Chinese herbal blend.

ImuDrops provides an immediate response to counteract the effects of physically and emotionally stressful situations:
in classrooms
when traveling
at work
when your body needs that extra boost

Women's Harmony
Natural Menopause Support
Women's hormonal changes begin to occur as early as age thirty. If you are experiencing any one of these common symptoms of hormonal change, Women's Harmony may be just right for you.
Hot flashes
Mood Swings
Night Sweats
Or Menstrual fluctuations

Pure Comfort
Naturally Soothing Lotion for Muscles & Joints!

10 times more MSM
5 times more aloe vera

100% all-natural
Free from toxins, pesticides, or untouchables
No artificial fragrances, colors, and preservatives
Relaxes muscles and joints
Soothes away tension
Ideal for the whole family
Greaseless and stainless


Basic Mindell Plus®
This Health Food Store in a Box contains 157 vitamins, minerals, and anti-aging phytonutrients from 28 countries to maximize your health.
Our nutritional program was designed to help you:

Fight free-radical damage
Reduce internal and external stress factors
Increase mental acuity, work productivity, and vitality
Defy the effects of aging
Look and feel more vibrant
Optimize the health of your entire body


Carbs Away Plus
Losing weight is easier than ever before with Carbs Away Plus!

Now you can Cut the Carbs and Lose the Fat!® PLUS Boost your Metabolism and Control your Appetite-all in one comprehensive caplet.

Click here to learn more!Our Tri-Complex formula will help you to:

Facilitate natural weight loss and maintenance
Control your appetite
Combat cravings, particularly for refined carbohydrates
Enhance overall energy
Boost your metabolism
Lose fat, not lean muscle
Convert carbohydrates into energy

In Nutrition
Let America's #1 nutritionist and most trusted pharmacist get you into the best shape of your life!
Dr. Earl Mindell, R.Ph., Ph.D. and Master Herbalist has created an exclusive line of wellness products designed to optimize your health, naturally.
In Personal Care and Home Care
FreeLife will show you how to go "more than natural" with your skin, body, and hair care. And, now you can naturally eliminate toxins in your home!
Our exclusive Organic Essentials® and Home Safe Home product lines contain no harmful ingredients.
In Making Money
Take Control of Your Life Today and Live the Lifestyle of Your Dreams!
Is your dream to have better health? To spend more time with your family? To secure a strong financial future? The people featured here have achieved all that and more. From waking without an alarm clock to paying off debt to building the ideal home, they're living their dreams with FreeLife. Achieving this dream takes no special skills, education or expertise. It simply starts with FreeLife, the company that makes it possible. Click here for real life success stories.


April 26, 2003

Patricia Boelman
Maureen Getschmann
Chris Hamblen

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