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Budo, rooted in the martial spirit of ancient Japan, is an aspect of traditional culture that has evolved from jyutsu to do through centuries of historical and social change.

Following the concept of unity of mind and technique, budo has developed and refined a discipline of austere training which promotes etiquette, skillful technique, physical strength, and the unity of mind and body. Modern Japanese have inherited these values and they play a prominent role in forming Japanese personalities. In modern Japan the budo spirit is a source of powerful energy and promotes a pleasant disposition in the individual.

Taise Deshimaru, in his article The noble struggle of the warrior defines Budo as the way of the warrior, furthermore, he said that it explores through direct experience the depth relationship between ethics, movement and philosophy.  The ideogram bu also means to cease the struggle. In Budo the point is not only to compete, but to find peace and mastery of the self. 



Today, budo idea has been diffused throughout the world and the martial arts teachers and students are the one responsible to share it.



The Budo Expo is intended to provide a friendly gathering for martial artists who wish to not only demonstrate their unique style of martial art, but also promote the positive spirit and discipline of all martial practice and show the public the many positive benefits a martial art has to offer. 

The Expo is also intended to create an environment where teachers, schools, individuals, families and exhibitors can get together, network, renew old friendships and possibly make new friendships.

This Expo is an opportunity for teachers to show what their style and schools are all about. The Expo also gives students a chance to demonstrate in public, which is a great opportunity for individual students and/or groups of students to rise to the occasion and challenge of public performance.

Teachers and exhibitors are encouraged to bring flyers to promote their schools, products and other martial art related activities. For teachers and/or suppliers who have products, they can set up a table at the event and promote those products and/or services (contact us for details).  For vendors, stores or suppliers of other martial arts services or products, you can also take advantage of this venue to make others aware of what you have to offer, contact us for details at

Some of the instructors attending the Expo will hold short workshops.  For one low fee, attendees will have access to these expo workshops.

All demonstrations and performance would take place in the Centro de Bellas Artes located near the beautiful beach of Luquillo.

All instructors or group of students will have 10 minute presentation of their style and school.  Instructors putting on workshops/seminars will have 45 minutes.  These workshops will take place at the San Juan Hotel and Casino in the Tropicolor Hall.

All the teachers will receive a certificate of appreciation for their participation and all students that attend and demonstrate will also receive a certificate for their participation.

We have a number of people already scheduled to demonstrate so we are trying to make sure that our time is well scheduled; this means that if you wish to demonstrate and/or teach you must contact us before the event. If you show up at the event and want to demonstrate there will most likely not be an available slot for you, so again, please contact us in advance.

Should you need further information or assistant feel free to e-mail



787-368-8646 , 787-379-1423



Activities at the



  • Welcome Cocktail
  • Budo Expo Performance :  Centro de Bellas Artes / Luquillo
  • Budo Expo Seminars:        Hotel San Juan and Casino
    • Tropical Brunch included
  • International Jujitsu Hall of Fame Gala Dinner at Hotel San Juan and Casino
  • Sightseeing of the Island of Puerto Rico historical places
  • Masters Meeting



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Other related activities




Thanks to all our sponsors and support groups

(If you want to be a sponsor and support this initiative get in contact with us at


  • American Jujitsu Academy ®
  • Jiuwaithai Submission and Jujitsu Academy ®
  • Jiuwaithai Alliance ®
  • Puerto Rico Jujitsu Association Inc.
  • Seibukan Jujisu Academy
  • Mayagüez Aikido Dojo
  • Centro Caribeño de las Artes Inc.
  • Institute of Massage and Therapeutic Healing
  • Camarenos Martial Arts Academy






  • Budo Expo Performance
    • $10.00 / Kids
    • $20.00 / Adults


  • Budo Expo Seminars
    • $20.00 / Kids
    • $50.00 / Adults


  • International Jujitsu Hall of Fame Gala Dinner at Hotel San Juan and Casino
    • $75.00 Adults
    • $30.00 Kids (Under 12 years)
    • Inductees (Please get in contact with Jedan Figueroa at 787-368-8646 for arrangements)


  • All inclusive:
    • $100.00 Adults
    • $50.00 Kids

Budo Expo was an original idea of one of our PJA members, Bolivar Ramirez Sensei.  Thank you for sharing.