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Puerto Rico Jujitsu Association


Everyone hoped for a peaceful start to the 21st century, but last September 11, terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center in New York and with it people's hope for peace. It makes us realize how risky the world has become.

We know that foolish wars and conflicts continue to ruin lives. Tragedy and sadness occurring in the World hide a peaceful future. We, Renshinkan believe that power without the right conviction is mere violence, but a person who has the right conviction can't achieve anything without power. So we shouldn't forget effort and thereby the lose power to protect peace. As a person can't get happiness without looking for it we can't get a peaceful world without effort.

Today, technologies make it possible for us to live easily. However human beings have lost a lot of important things, and fail to realize it. If people aren't satisfied with their lives and wish for more, we will face a crisis. The earth we are living on is the only one and is valuable. So we are not allowed to destroy it because of the selfishness and foolishness of human beings. We should stop caring only for ourselves, think over our selfishness and keep the earth in good condition for our children with wisdom and consideration.

Renshinkan has told people about the necessity of continuing effort to get for the right power for a long time. and we have also insisted on the importance of consideration other people and other lives. So we believe firmly that we can contribute to the people of the world. Therefore educating karatekas to be not only strong but also thoughtful is the way to advanced for Renshinkan.